About Us

Hey Y’all!

Thank you so much for taking the time to get to know us! I am so excited to start writing this blog and start sharing experiences from our first year of marriage. Caleb and I are so similar yet so different in a lot of aspects but it makes for such a fun marriage. We are still learning new things about each other every single day and it has been so much fun.




My name is Jenna Nicole Sepulveda. I am 22 years old. I am currently a nanny while I go through school and when that is finished I will be a certified paralegal! I have switched my major and my career choice so many times but I finally feel like I have found my place in the career world. I am originally from Denver, Colorado but my family moved to Houston, Texas around five years ago. I like to think of myself as a Texan though. (You know how Texans feel about Texas.) One of the biggest parts of my identity is my faith. I am a huge lover of Jesus and think that it the most important thing you should know about me. My father in law is an amazing Pastor here in Houston and helps me to stay grounded in the faith that I already have.  A few trivial facts about me are that my favorite color is pastel pink, I love to bake and I am constantly baking something up in the kitchen, I am a huge animal lover and I wish I could have all the animals in the world. When given the choice to go out or stay in I will always stay in, I am a pretty huge advocate for wine nights in your pajamas. I want to travel the world and see as much of it as I possibly can in my lifetime after Caleb and I graduate. Obviously there is so much more to my story and I hope to open up and share everything on this blog. 🙂


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This is my handsome husband Caleb Joshua Sepulveda.  He is 23 years old and he is about to graduate with a teaching degree and hopes to teach middle school science or 4th grade. He is a native Houstonian and is one of those proud Texans I was talking about in my section. Caleb is the worship leader at our church and has the most amazing singing voice that you will ever hear. ( I’m probably a little biased.) He is such a strong man of God and it shines through in everything that he does. His parents ran a foster home for girls all throughout his childhood so he has been raised around lots of women and knows exactly how to put up with me. Caleb is a CBS Big Brother superfan and is always watching that in his free time. One of his biggest dreams is to make it into the Big Brother house. A few trivial facts about Caleb are that he loves Harry Potter, his favorite animal is an elephant, he is a huge Survivor fan and has seen every season multiple times. Caleb is an amazing writer and actually writes interactive stories online that his readers can be involved in, it’s really cool actually. Caleb is a chicken tender connoisseur and wants to eat chicken tenders from all over the world. 😛 haha He is pretty much the best.


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