Learning to live together- Our first apartment.

In every movie, you see couples that just started living together fighting over such little things. The woman taking over and adding to much pink, the man leaving the toilet seat up and leaving his shoes every where and just really silly things like that. When you have never lived alone with another person before, learning their habits can test patience and strengthen bonds.

Caleb and I both went from living with our parents and two siblings each in houses to living with just one another in an apartment. The transition was definitely something really weird for both of us but I honestly think Caleb handled it way better. I called home a lo the first month. Whether it was just because the apartment was quiet and I was lonely or if i just wanted to make small talk with my mom. Don’t get me wrong, ever since the first day, I have loved living with Caleb. I have loved being his wife and everything that comes with being a wife. It took me a bit longer to transition to true adult-hood but now that we have been married for two months, I feel so comfortable and happy.

Our first apartment is already full of so many memories and we love it so much. We wanted to still be able to go out and do things and spend our hard earned money on things that we want and need so we decided to go with a smaller apartment. We live in a older complex that is incredibly quiet and all the residents that we have met so far have been so friendly. Because it is an older complex the exterior isn’t grand but the interior is beautiful and we have had much fun making it our own. We live in 705 sq feet so as you can imagine, we spend a lot of time together. ;P

Our bedroom is the biggest room and my favorite room  in the apartment but the kitchen and bedroom were messy today while I was taking pictures. (keepin’ it real people.)

Sharing a space such as ours, we have had to make a conscious effort to be patient with one another while we learn each others habits and quirks. We have learned that the other person is a human and since we have so many qualities that we absolutely adore about one another that sometimes we just have to overlook the habits that we may not be completely pleased with.

For Caleb, he leaves his shoes everywhere, he has water bottles all over the house, the toilet seat is often left up, and he likes the air at a very low temperature which more than often leaves me freezing.

For me, I leave my make-up scattered across the bathroom, I am a very messy baker and cook and I don’t always clean up right away, I leave my cups in the living room and I prefer the temperature a little higher.

So, our best advice to couples who may struggle with this is to focus on your spouses qualities that you wouldn’t change for the world and keep an open line of communication to talk about the things that need to be worked on or changed. You are never going to find someone that has all perfect qualities and I guarantee that you aren’t perfect either so just work on them together. It’s hard sometimes but it’s so worth it.

Caleb and I are so excited to build a life and memories in this little apartment. We are looking forward to birthdays, Christmas mornings, anniversaries and little moments. It’s going to be a big adventure but we are ready to spend our first year here.

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