Starting Our First Year

I was lucky enough to marry the love of my life on May 27th, 2018 at my dream venue. The whole experience was really surreal, and I feel that to start this journey with us, you need to learn about our wedding.

Caleb actually proposed to me in August of 2017, so we got married pretty quickly after the engagement and looking back, I think that was a decision that made things so much more stressful, but I also wouldn’t change it because I cherish every second of getting to be his wife. I did end up getting the proposal of my dreams, however. Caleb asked me to marry him in front of the castle at Walt Disney World. It was my own personal fairy tale. After he proposed, we had the whole day to just run around and explore the Magic Kingdom. It indeed was a perfect day.20953165_1883913471618887_6061819229574871169_n

On our way back from Florida, we quickly realized that we didn’t want to wait a year to actually tie the knot. We knew as soon as we started seriously dating that we were going to get married, so why wait? So in the car on our way back to Houston the wedding planning had begun.

The planning:

Before I had started full on planning my wedding, everyone told me that wedding planning was the most exciting and fun thing that I would ever do. I quickly realized that that was not going to be the case for me though. I think the thing about wedding planning when you aren’t paying for your own wedding is that you have to be respectful while still asserting what you want for your big day. My mom and I started to but heads immediately about the venues.

(Side note:) I now believe that the wedding industry is one big money sucker and literally EVERYTHING is overpriced. I would now advise brides to be to not focus so much on small details that make venues so much more expensive because chances are after the wedding you won’t care or remember.

Anyway, Caleb and I actually only looked at one venue, and it had everything that we wanted. As soon as we walked into Heathers Glen, we felt the click. It had the most fantastic chapel with chandeliers and big windows and then a Garden ballroom with fairy lights and cobblestone pathways for the reception. It truly is such a beautiful venue. Here are a few pictures of the site from our wedding night. 33849156_10212790703746761_5451862366910152704_n







After the venue was picked, a huge weight came off oy both of my mothers shoulders and my shoulders. Obviously, that is one of the biggest aspects of wedding planning.

I had the worst experience finding my wedding dress too so if anyone is interested in that I can do an entirely separate post about that.

I won’t bore you with all the boring wedding planning details. Long story short, I absolutely hated wedding planning and when the big day finally arrived Caleb, and I felt so silly for being so stressed about everything because when it comes down to it- your wedding is 6 hours of your life and your marriage is forever.


The Wedding.

Our wedding was perfect. Of course, some things didn’t go according to plan. Future brides- things will go wrong, but you won’t even care when it comes down to it so try not to stress about it. Caleb was a superstar at keeping me calm in the days leading up to our wedding, and I was so grateful.

Caleb and I had decided on a traditional Christian wedding ceremony. We believe that we are not only becoming two but becoming three by welcoming Jesus into our marriage. The ceremony was about 25 -30 minutes long, and my father in law actually performed it. We decided on a sand ceremony to symbolize Caleb and I leaving our own lives and joining in life together. We each had four people in our wedding party, and it turned out being the perfect amount for us.

The reception was so much fun, and it warmed our hearts to see everyone dancing. Caleb and I swore up and down that we weren’t going to dance but we spent most of the night on the dance floor and I completely let loose despite not having an ounce of Rythm in my body. We had a sparkler exit and then the wedding was over. Just like that. All that stress, all that planning, all the tension, and arguments were just gone in 6 hours. The wedding truly was everything that I dreamed and more.

After the wedding, Caleb and I were absolutely starving so we went to the iconic Whataburger to get something to eat, in true Sepulveda fashion. I can’t think of a better night than eating Whataburger fries and drinking a huge Dr. Pepper in my totally blinged out wedding dress. The whole night was just the best night of my life.




After the Wedding

Caleb and I quickly realized that the wedding was just Six hours and that the significant part is our marriage, the rest of our lives together. We are so ready to embark on this adventure together. We have moved into our little first apartment, adopted our first puppy and are really enjoying the ride so far.

A lot of people have told us that the first year of marriage is the hardest. It is a time of finding your place in the world as a couple and learning about each other and each others habits on a completely different level. We are expectant that it won’t be easy, but we are blessed that we get to go through it together. We want to share the trials and joys of our first year with the world in hopes that they will be helpful or relatable to other young couples just starting out.

So, come along for the ride with us. The wedding is over, and real life has set in. Welcome to our first year.


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